Squid provides a flexible management for business


General Features

  • Financial Multilevel Management
  • Commercial Dashboards & Business Reports
  • Mutilevel Package Configuration
  • Multilevel Discount Tiers Management
  • External Billing Payment Integration
  • Pricing Management
  • Reseller Comission Configuration
  • Multilevel Look and Feel Customization
  • Enhanced UX
  • Add-Ons / Plugins Architecture
  • Enabled Secured API
  • User-friendly Installation Wizard
  • Technical Forum and Community


web management

Web Management

  • Profile based access to functions.
  • Password recovery option for all managers.
usage management

Usage Management

  • Full administration.
  • Only view permission.
  • Specific section access permission.
provisioning management

Provisioning Management

  • Service Providers delegate provisioning, billing, package management and discount tiers to the entire distribution chain.
multi level management

Multilevel Management

  • Service Providers can create and view the entire distribution network behavior.
  • VARs can manage and view only his own Distribution Network.
  • Squid is capable to manage from 2 up to n distributions levels.
license management

License Provisioning

  • Customers self care portal for provisioning.
  • Channel partners are able to assign and activate services on behalf of end customers.
Switching Suppliers

Switching Suppliers

  • Service Providers and VARs are capable to rebuild his distribution network, changing Resellers or Enterprise Customers between different business partners.
  • Resellers are able to switch from distributor to another distributor.

Billing & Pricing

Billing Management

Billing Management

  • Set up automatic payment based on terms.
  • Use PayPal Checkout Express for an automated billing payment.
Automated Billing

Automated Billing

  • Scheduled an automated (monthly, quarterly, yearly) billing.
  • Flexible Billing Management for pay as you go or upfront payment options.
Pricing Management

Pricing Management

  • Allows Service Providers set up special package prices for every distribution network.
  • Packages features are configured per distribution network.
  • Allows every distribution network uprise prices.
Discount Management

Discount Management

  • Allows Service Providers and VARs set volume discount to the distribution network.


PayPal Integration

PayPal Integration

  • Allow every Service Provider, VAR, Reseller or Enterprise Customer register its PayPal account for automated billing.
Integrate Own Services

Integrate Own Services

  • VARs are able to add services to the packages.
Platform Integration

3rd Party Platform Integration

  • Out of the box integration with Open-Xchange OXaaS API and Postfix.
  • Can be integrated with external API's for automatic provisioning and billing on external systems.
Squid Powerful API

Squid RESTful API

  • Squid provides a RESTful API for external website or e-commerce integrations.


Partner Admin Portal

Partner Admin Portal

  • Service Provider global overview of the entire distribution network.
  • Business KPI reports: Per product, per channel partners, per customers.
End Customer’s Portal

End Customer’s Portal

  • Portal access tool for ordering purposes.
  • License request.
  • Purchase other products and services.
Self Registration Portal

Self Registration Portal

  • Self registration portal for Resellers to join a distributor's network.
White Label

White Label

  • Multilevel custom logo and Look & Feel.
  • Multilanguage support.


Email Alerts

Email Alerts

  • Payment reminders.
  • Suspension notification.
Email Template

Custom Templates

  • Templates for payment reminders or notifications.
  • Templates for receipts.