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Web based Provisioning and Management Platform software for products distribution.

Commercial Business Relationships for Distribution Networks, designed for:
  • Service Providers (SP)
  • Value Added Resellers or Distributor Channel partners (VARs)
  • Resellers (R)
  • Enterprise Customers (EC)
  • End-user self service provision web tool.

Provides complete business management

Invoicing, billing, commissions, hierarchical based permissions, reconciliations, alerts, scheduled reports.

Enterprise grade development

Complies with high development standards and security compliance, runs on any cloud infrastructure.


Distribution Networks Management

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Flexible web management console that deliver superb integration to manage and scale your business.

TeQNet Technology Experts

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Teqnet is a leading company of Technology Experts that thrives on bringing you the best customer experience.

We see our customer through the entire value chain, starting with business case analysis to implementing and operating.

Our solutions will help optimize your business to make it even more cost-effective.

Reducing your operating costs, improve quality, customer satisfaction and support you in offering new and trend-setting services.

We are dedicated to tracking emerging technologies, offering fresh innovative solutions, new products and related applications to better serve customers with a unique blend of key benefits.

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InsightLevel is the result of years of experience and knowledge in developing convergent solutions and high availability platforms.

Our goal is to create stunning, disruptive and creative solutions oriented to bring value to our customers and help them thrive in their business needs.

Our team is constantly exploring new and radical ways to bring ideas to reality.

We are IT people with a unique approach to the digital industry, we're commited in making life easier and more productive.