European Privacy Rights

When INSIGHT LEVEL transfers personal information from customers, suppliers, business partners and service providers, we do so in compliance with applicable law, standard contractual clauses, and consent of the individual.

Insight Level holds in compliance to the applicable laws of data protection of the European Economic Area, which if applicable includes the following rights:

  • To establish without an excessive delay the existence of an automated personal data file;
  • To know the main purposes of this automated personal file;
  • To know the identity and habitual residence or principal place of business of the controller of the file;
  • To obtain the rectification or erasure of such data;
  • To present a complaint with a personal data authority.

All the information is collected with your consent by accepting this Privacy Policy. If it is requested you can access to your personal data file, revoke your consent, ask for rectification and erasure of such data, as described in the “ARCO RIGHTS” section of the INSIGHT LEVEL Privacy Policy, and only for the purposes mentioned in the “Purpose” section of the INSIGHT LEVEL Privacy Policy.

Where Do We Store Your Personal Data

Your personal data collected by Insight Level may be stored and processed in INSIGHT LEVEL´s servers located in Mexico or any other country in which Insight Level has participation thru its suppliers, commercial partners, users and subsidiaries. Your personal information may be transferred across our national borders. Insight Level has a compromise to ensure your personal data security and to process it in compliance of the required applicable law wherever the data is located.

If you have a question or complaint about our compliance with the INSIGHT LEVEL Privacy Policy, please email us at